What are the Best Ways to Personalize Content Marketing?

Personalization is the ability to reach each one of your clients as though you know them, as a friend. You address them by name, create messages that they love, and deliver content that caters to their unique needs. This makes them look forward to receiving your message.

Consumers want to have access to valuable information easily. Thus, if your website delivers this, you’re making your sale process hassle-free. Providing a personalized experience to your customers doesn’t need complicated algorithms.

Considering the amount of data most marketers have access to, it’s pretty easy to create personalized content for your customers as they explore your website.

Good personalization is more than substitution; it provides options and recommendations to consumers. Thus, have different strategies for customer retention, prospecting, and customer upsell. This helps to create an experience for each consumer that empowers them to manage the experience in every aspect of messages you send to them.

So How Do You Personalize Content Marketing?

1. Use the Client’s Name

This is one of the simplest tricks. Consumers want you to give them a personal shout, and they like hearing their name. Use the consumer name in the content of the email. This assures them you care about their individual experience with your brand. Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% likely to be opened. This is the easiest way to reach out to your consumers. But verify their name before sending it!

2. Collect Data

Collect a lot of data from your customers; this will help to create accurate buyer personas. Gathering data will help to see your consumer habits, behavior, and what they want from brands like you. This will help to create engaging and persuasive content. You’ll be able to create targeted ads that cater to your audience’s needs. Creating personalized offers that are relevant to the needs of your audience will help your brand to perform well.

To do this, develop a list of attributes you want to collect and don’t ask consumers too many or too few questions. Ask questions periodically and collect all the information into a single profile. Just ensure you set terms in clear language explaining why you’re asking for data and set expectations for how you’ll use it.

Social media websites like Facebook is the best place to start personalization efforts. Here you can see what your audience love, how they shop, and what devices they use. People share intimate information on social media, and you can tap into this to gain valuable insights about them. The more data you gather from your audience, the more personalized and targeted your ads will be.

Social networks have a lot of information on user profile like names, phone numbers, email addresses, friends, likes, location, and interests. Thus, social media can assist you to create an individual-based user experience.

3. Use Personalized Images

o boost your click-through rates, you can use personalized images. You can do this based on different client profiles and data.

For instance, if you have location data, you can create customized images by location. You can change images regularly based on the data you have. You could use gender, weather patterns, personal preferences, loyalty program status, and more.

4. Create Targeted Landing Pages

Getting a visitor to get into your landing page is difficult. Thus, it’s important to ensure that once they are there, they get a compelling experience. Personalization helps to add a personal touch and create an individual experience for each visitor.

Use progressive profiling on forms so that they will not have to fill the same information they already have in the past. You want to gather new data and add it to their contact record, right? Also, make sure your form copy speaks directly to their concerns and make it clear how taking action will help resolve it, this’ll lead to them fill the form.

5. Use Proper Tools

The easiest way to use personalized content in your company’s marketing strategy is to make sure your team has the right tools. Personalization software will make developing quality content easy. This will help to provide consistent experience consumers want.

Creating landing pages that cater specifically to the individual is a growing trend. Result? Measurable increase in conversion rate. A tool like Monetate creates one-on-one personalization by converting consumer data into targeted landing pages. Also, Optimizely, an A/B testing tool helps to create relevant content, and Personyze creates automated campaigns using action-based targeting.

Since there are many solutions, you need to ensure your team chooses technology that will enhance customer experience and is not complicated. Use a customer-focused strategy, and supplement it with tools that support your efforts.


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