How to Write the Best Product Description

A great product copy has the power to move customers through your sales funnel and seal the deal. It’s the difference between a potential buyer hitting the “add to cart” button and clicking the dreaded “x” to close out of your e-commerce site. By using creativity and adding product benefits into your product description, your online store can easily convert casual visitors.

This means—a product description is one of the most crucial aspects of your online store when it comes to conversion and growing your business. It helps to fill the gaps to determine if the product is the right match for the customer. Creating a winning description can help you grow your e-commerce business, increasing your clothing sales and revenue.

By educating the consumers on the primary benefits, unique value proposition, and providing a solution to their problems, your products description can help generate more sales, lower refund rates and build customer trust.

Clearly, a product copy has incredible power, but creating a good copy is hard. It’s tiring, especially if you have many products on your product page to work through.

Why You Need a Great Product Description

Creating optimized product descriptions can boost your search engine optimization (SEO). Optimizing your product copy to include specific keywords, can improve your chances of ranking high in Google. Without product descriptions, you can optimize your images for specific keywords, but your product won’t appear high in search results because of the lack of content.

A Product description educates your customers about your products; it offers additional product details that a picture can’t offer on its own.

For instance, you won’t buy a phone by looking at its picture alone. As a shopper, you’ll want to read about the phone’s specifications and features. This also applies to fashion—some people may be allergic to certain fabrics and they may need to know the material of the clothing you’re selling before making a purchase.

By offering customers with key product details, you’ll prevent a buildup of customer service inquiries. Also, it helps customers to know if that specific product is right for them; this can lower return rates.

When writing a product copy, it’s important, to be honest, and transparent when describing your products. Because saying a product is free when it isn’t is misleading. And saying your product is of the best quality when you have many complaints about its quality won’t trick customers into liking your product.

For instance, if many buyers notice that the material is thinner than expected, you can mention this in your copy without significantly impacting sales. This’ll give your customers an honest expectation of the item before they receive it. Who knows? Your customer may even prefer thinner material during summer days.

However, being honest doesn’t mean including all of your product’s flaws; it’s all about highlighting its strengths. Is design what selling the item? Then, emphasis on the look of the product when describing it.

Make your customers picture themselves wearing your products. Make them part of the story.

How to Write Product Descriptions That Helps in Building a Successful Online Store and Boosts Your Clothing Sales

1. Know Who Your Target Audience Is

The first step to writing effective product copy is defining your target audience.

Start by defining which features would be of most interest to your potential customers.

This starts with understanding your buyer persona and breaking down the characteristics of your potential buyers. A customer persona will help you know which features are most valuable to your customers.

When writing your product copy, remember these questions:

  • How did this visitor arrive on your page?
  • What are their interests?
  • Why would this buyer be interested in your online store, specifically?
  • How would this visitor describe your product to a friend?
  • What benefits or features would interest this visitor most?

Focusing on these questions as you write your copy, will help you create a winning product description that sells.

2. Focus on the Product Benefits

As a business owner, you’re excited to share all the qualities of your items. You want to show your product is the best; it has the best features and the unique specifications.

However, the buyer isn’t interested in the mundane features of the product. Instead, they want to know how they can benefit from your product.

A product feature is a factual statement about the product; it offers technical information. While a product benefit tells how a product can make the life of the buyer better.

For example, Men’s suit brand InStitchu sells the benefits of their products by using images of successful businessmen in both the descriptions and names of their suits.

3. Tell the Whole Story

A great product copy should give all the important product details, convince the customers of its benefits, and it should have an emotional punch.

Emotions significantly influence consumer behavior, thus your product description is the perfect place to elicit emotions.

How can you do this?

By filling in any gaps that potential shoppers may have about your product. Use your description to tell a story of why a customer needs your product to solve their problem or a story of the product benefits. Or you can just tell an entertaining story about your product which will draw the buyers in.

4. Use Natural Tone and Language

If you read your copy aloud, it should sound like a real conversation that you’d have with your friends.

If it sounds like computer-generated jargon or like something you’d never say to your friend about the product, then it’s time to inject life into it.

Using a natural tone—one you’d use in a real conversation will help the buyer connect with your brand.

For instance, Nasty Gal does this perfectly, by using “fun-loving girlfriend” tone throughout their site and even in the product titles.

Nasty Gal Heels Description

5. Make it Scannable

People have short attention spans and can only read only 16% of what’s on the product page. Thus, your products copy should capture the coveted 16% effectively.

You can achieve this by making your descriptions easy to scan.

The buyer should be able to find the information they want without wasting time sorting through pieces of information.

You can make your copy super scannable by using bullet points, short paragraphs with few sentences, lots of white space, and different font sizes.

For instance, Health Warrior does a great job of making their page easy to scan for their Chia seed bars. They use short paragraphs, different size fonts, and bullet points to highlight the key benefits of the bars.

Final Thoughts

A product copy is a key factor that’ll help you seal the deal when a customer lands on your online site. Your copy shouldn’t push your products so much instead, it should focus on how your product will improve your customer’s life. If you can convince your customers of this, then your sales and revenue will increase.

Creating a winning product description needs creativity and testing. Don’t be afraid to test your product description templates to improve your format. Writing effective product copy takes experimentation and with some patience, you’ll be able to create winning product descriptions that’ll help grow your business and boost your sales.


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